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Bodegas Habla


It was not easy finding a terroir where we could make the type of wine we dreamed from the begining. A land, which will force the grapevines to give the best of them, that will provide the grape with personality to create unique wines.


Amid 200 hectares, in this properti in Trujillo, where even greeks farmed it in ancient times, it stands the building, which is our winery, one of the most modern of our Spain.

Pizarro’s land

In Trujillo, Conquerors land, we find a perfect place to make the wine we dreamed with; a terroir wine, thought in the country, a wine that will tell its own history with its aromas.


We are in a 200 hectares hard land, slate, infertile and demanding but that knows how care for the plant. Since it is not getting enough water, grapevine fights for survival and makes an effort for finding it itself. Thus, the grape will tell us, with its aromas, where it is planted. It is the mystic of the essence.


Through a unique combination of climate, analysis and care for the land we were able to achieve our goal, making a different wine, genuine, honest with a strong personality born out of the land.


After a sophisticated soil analysis and an intensive study of each plot of our land, we decide which variety will fix better in each plot, we will only choose those grapevines which will perfectly fit in our land and will produce a special grape with a special character. We use the most exclusive clones from Bordeaux, France and the result could not be better, grapes that reveal the secret essence of our land: the outstanding Tempranillo, the Cabernet Sauvignon personality, the exhuberant Syrah and the Petite Verdot depth and the most recent Malbec and Cabernet Franc. Each one of our varieties takes features from the land that allow discover new aspects every year.


Wines born in the vineyard

When we decide our wines are the highest and most sincere expression from our terroir, we refer to our idea of making wine directly from the land; wine starts in the land and that is why we spend so much effort to get the best out of our plantation.

Precision viticulture

We started our wines production with a terroir and weather scientific analysis. Moreover, with a genetic sophisticated study of the clones and possible varieties. We made a deep investigation of the land using the most sophisticated means at our disposal; we took infra-red pictures via satellite, using remote sensing tecniques and depth tasting through which we divided 64 plots with uniform features, values and parameters, so we could determine not only the varieties and parameters, but also irragation and neccesary treatment for every grapevine.


Every plot is identify and has a human team who takes care exclusively of it. During the wine elaboration process we maintain traceability to increase every detail. Only with a combination of craft- work and scientific tools allow us to achieve high quality standards we pursue.