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Bodegas San Alejandro

Bodegas San Alejandro is a cooperative founded in 1962, formed by 350 associates with 1100 hectares and a total average production of 4.600.000 Kilos. It is located in Miedes, in the province of Saragossa, 88 km from the capital, in the valley of the Perejiles, 758 m. above sea level with a population of 530. Our insignia is a product of the history of the people, thereby reflecting modernness without distancing themselves from the roots that allowed growth. Once harvested the labour that has been carried out in the vineyard, the function of Bodegas San Alejandro is ennoble, with the most advanced oenological techniques, all the virtues of the fruit bouquets, elegant and balanced; reflection of the lineage of their vines and the flavour of their grapes. Wines that can transmit the whole character of the grapes from which it is made.