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Casar de Burbia

Casardeburbia1 Casardeburbia family

Casar de Burbia is a family winery located in the historic region with the protected designation of origin “El Bierzo”,devoted to producing red wines from our own vineyards.


The Fernandez Bello family started to produce wine in the 80’s by purchasing vineyards in the mountainous zones and highest areas of the valley, in Valtuille de Arriba (Leon).


The most significant assets of the winery are undoubtedly its 27 has of vineyards surrounding the Road to Santiago. The blue-ribbon variety is the Mencia, possibly in the vineyards next to the Road to Santiago is found the oldest Mencia in El Bierzo.


When the Fernández Bello family began to buy old vineyards in 1989, those on the mountain of Valtuille de Arriba were suffering a gradual and evident neglect due to their limited production compared to the fertile valley. However, the value of these vineyards is currently unquestionable, both due to its steep slopes facing towards the sun, which drains any possible accumulation of excess water, as well as its altitude above 700 m, which provides a significant temperature difference between night and day.


The old vineyards needed to be regenerated since over 30 % of them were planted with white stock, mostly Palomino, a variety of little enological quality in the area. The winery began a hard job which lasted 7 years, during which over 9,000 plants were grafted in the old existing rootstocks. Using the most traditional grafting techniques in the zone, the meseta graft, the white varieties were replaced with the blue-ribbon variety in the area, Mencia. All this effort, now bearing fruit, meant a regeneration of vineyards unmatched in El Bierzo.


The value added of old vineyards and the quality of the Casardeburbia vinesmountain vineyard, with a high tannic concentration, has allowed the winery to produce quality wines and always with minimal aging.


Casardeburbia terroir