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LA SETERA was established as a dairy in 1993 and the winery ten years later in 2003. La Setera is the name of a brook which begins in the village of Fornillos and descends to the Duero river along a beautiful valley where the village´s goat herds used to be assembled and taken for grazing every day. LA SETERA is the brand name for our Cheeses and Wines.

When we first moved to Arribes del Duero from the city, we Sara Groves-Raines and Francisco José (Patxi) Martínez were intent on integrating and adapting to the area and its culture, learning all we could from it. We made good use of the resources at hand and decided to diversify into cheese, wine and other endeavors . We have taken care to ensure the quality of our artisan production, and obtained an added value for local products which has helped maintain the local population and their life-styles in these marginal areas, thus preserving the precious landscape and culture. This is our philosophy.

Our LA SETERA winery has a very limited production and is artisan in all its characteristics. We designed and built the winery ourselves over three years and it has a capacity of 12.500 bottles.

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