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Along the river Pisuerga, a tributary of the Duero, are Tempranillo and Garnacha vineyards that have been cultivated for generations to grow grapes for rosado wines. But a growing number of producers are trying to do more than that, and there are enough hearty red wines to recommend that the wine world watch this space. Protected by the Pisuerga River and buffered by the Cervalos and Torozos ranges, the area creeps into the busy city of Valladolid. Like Ribera del Duero to the south, there are great contrasts in temperature from day to night and from summer to winter, and with sand, loam, clay, and limestone soils available, excellent wines are possible for those who have chosen to pursue that market. This was once a busy Roman wine region, and only a century ago the production was twice what it is today, so opportunity abounds. As with the other DOs in the area, Tempranillo is rechristened as Tinta del País, but either that grape or Garnacha can be utilized for rosé wines (either or both at a level of 85%). Red wines have a minimum requirement of Tinta del País (60%). Any white grapes grown in the area are used for the rosado wines.

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