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Despite the elevation of Costers del Segre (up to 1,750 feet), most of the vineyards are down in the little valleys of this large area of over 10,000 acres of vines. The vineyards are traditionally devoted to Cava production, but Raimat has long been focused upon making top–flight red and white wines from both French and indigenous varieties with international success. The area’s more continental climate necessitates different grapes and methods than are used in the more coastal places in Cataluña; the usual suspects are joined by Samso (a synonym of Cariñena, although some insist it can be something different), Trepat, Bobal, Muscat of Alexandría, Gewürztraminer, and even Pinot Noir. Soils tend towards a mix of sand, limestone, and alluvials; rivers strongly mark this area named for the Segre River, itself a tributary of the Ebro.

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