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Before 2004, this DO contained Montsant, but the best vineyards, especially those around Falset, were cleaved off and combined with elevated areas north of Priorat to make the Montsant DO. What was left behind describes both vineyards at similar elevations to Montsant around the Ebro River and large swaths along the coast, at virtually no elevation at all. The greater part of the vineyards of the Tarragona DO are given to Cava production. But vineyards near Priorat and Montsant sometimes offer remarkable value in table wines, occasionally as rich and extracted as those more reliable areas. The better bet is to look for tasty whites and youthful, sappy reds. There are still occasional sightings of a sweet red wine known as Tarragona Clásico, which received its DO way back in 1947.

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